Metallurgical industry

Various gases present in metallurgical processes carry solid materials that are transferred with the gases in the gas ducts. Over time surface accumulation may occur in the system, which limits the gas flow and can eventually block the whole duct. LUX Hammer X-Series pneumatic cleaning hammer loosens the accumulations in a controlled manner, thus reducing the need to ramp down the process. The picture depicts an example installation location in a gas duct where the gases cool down and accumulation of unwanted material occurs. The hammer is the red-blue icon in the picture.

Our experts will help you to determine the optimal location and number of hammers for Your specific process. The hammer can even be installed on ducts with cooling jackets and in any direction that is desired. The hammer itself only requires a pneumatic line and it is easy to remove and re-install, enabling flexible installation locations and even changing the installation location when necessary. Ask more from our experts and learn more!