LUX Hammer X-Series

Lux Hammer X-Series is a pneumatic cleaning hammer. Common applications for the hammer include economizers, boiler exhaust pipes, material silos that have vaulting or freezing issues, and gas ducts such as Y-pipes and goose necks. The hammer is operated pneumatically through a control cabinet provided by Lux and the hammer is welded onto the outside of the surface to be cleaned making it easy to install and use. The hammer can be installed in any position and the impact energy can be adjusted to fit the needs of each installation.

LUX Hammer X-Series components:

  • LUX Pneumatic hammer
  • Weldable impact rod for installation
  • Control cabinet (various configurations: timer, DCS, local logic)

Installation is straight forward:

  • Impact rod is welded onto a supporting structure, such as an I beam
  • Supporting structure (I beam) is welded onto the structure to be impacted (silo, boiler wall, …)
  • Pneumatic lines are connected to the control cabinet and from the cabinet to the hammers
  • Power is connected to control cabinet (24 VDC / 230 VAC)
  • The impact frequency is set with the timer, DCS or local logic

LUX also provides all the necessary spare parts and instructions for installation, use and upkeeping! Our hammer expert contacts can be found under the different applications in different industries.

Technical details
Massn. 60 kg
Operating pressure4-6 bar
Max. temperature160 ˚C
Air volume1,5 L
MediumAir (dry)
Impact energyMax. 110 Joules (adjustable)
Impact intervalmin. ~20 sec.
Impact soundMax. 85 dB (depends on installation)