Pulp industry

Economizers tend to suffer from unwanted inner surface accumulations that are extremely challenging to remove. LUX Hammer X-Series pneumatic cleaning hammer can be installed on to the outer wall of the economizer. The impact of the hammer removes the accumulations thus enabling uninterrupted operations and reduced downtime of Your process. The hammer operation is entirely automated and can be adjusted to fit Your specific needs in terms of impact energy and interval.

The number and location of the hammers is determined case by case with the help of our experts. The hammer anvil is welded on to the economizer and the hammer only requires a pneumatic line making it easy to install and maintain. See and example installation from one of our customers in the pictures. The installation includes all the necessary parts to bring the hammer outside the insulating structures when needed.

Contact our experts and we’ll help You improve Your operations through reduced downtime and more efficient operation of your economizer!